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In 1919, Redic Earl Robinson opened Ed Robinson Laundry and Dry Cleaners with only a bicycle, a bucket, a scrub board, some kerosene, and an iron heated by a coal burning stove. "Mister Ed" would ride on his bicycle to pick up the cleaning and bring it to his wife, Myrtle Beckham Robinson, for processing at the original store on the 1100 block of Gervais Street, in the heart of old Columbia. The business grew and thrived during the Roaring 20's and survived the Great Depression.  Mister Ed had two sons, Robert William, known as Bob, and Redic Earl Jr., known as Earl.


After returning from the Navy, Earl went into the Laundry and Dry Cleaning operation with his father. A new store was opened on Main Street, and the business continued to provide excellent services to Columbia. Keeping on with the tradition of a family owned business, Earl's son Ed entered into the business and took over the operation after his father's death in 1977 and continues to run the business to this day.


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